dr Xstream project of dr [dog rights]

dr Xstream project

dr Xstream project

Controlled chaos, absurd and just a bit reckless.
Like a river - not strictly defined at first but finding its inevitable course.
From muddle and mecha-kucha, through collaboration and co-operation, to professionalism, peace, calm – and fun.

--> TPAM 2011 international meeting -
drX of kageki, music, produce (2011.2 @yokohama)

--> #1- kageki x music(2011.4 @tokyo)

--> #2- kageki x music(2011.7 @hyogo

--> #3- kageki x music x art(2011.10 @tokyo

--> TPAM 2012 international meeting -
drX of art, music, trainer, produce (2012.2 @yokohama)

TPAM2012 autumn session